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Buying Houses. Selling Homes. Improving Communities.

SFE aims to improve the communities of Pierce County and the Pacific Northwest by helping people solve housing problems and navigate today's unpredictable real estate market. Our projects will help people sell their homes, buy new homes, and provide communities with properties that will attract contributing citizens to their neighborhoods.

SFE's Vision

Sound Financial Enterprise is a family company. We understand how important stability is to a young and growing family, and how your family life can be enriched in a neighborhood where you are comfortable walking next door to ask for a cup of sugar, or a vacuum when yours is broken. We understand how unhealthy it is for children to be constantly moving from place to place, changing schools and being forced to meet new neighbors. Bottom line, we understand how important a solid set of roots can be to the health and wellness of of a family and it's community. SFE hopes to live in a world where all of this is possible, and by providing affordable housing options and helping people set their foundations in a community, together we can make it a reality.

Give us a call or email us your specific situation and we will start working for you.

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